First thing’s first…

You won’t know what to work on or where to start if you don’t do some reflection. This is the hardest part, when you have to look at yourself and see everything you’ve been avoiding. It’s ok… you’ll get through it. You can handle it.

For this part, you will need to find space in your day. I know you’re busy, I know your people need you… but remember, you can’t give anyone water from an empty cup. You need to take this time and take care of you. So, make it a date.

I said it… a date with yourself. A time when you can block off, like you do your doctor’s appointments, find a quiet place, grab a notebook and just be. Just relax & reflect. Sounds scary, right?

The key is not overthink it and recognize… this is what YOU need. Our families and responsibilities will be there… and nothing will fall apart, I can almost promise. But, your well being is also important. Your mental health & ability to function without chaos is VERY IMPORTANT.

So… pick a time, place, journal, and favorite hot drink… and let’s get to work!!!

What to write?? No worries, the words will come…

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