I see you…

You feel invisible.

Sometimes you stand in the middle of a crowded room… alone, confused, and you think, why don’t they see me? why can’t they just acknowledge my presence? why can’t I say anything valuable, funny or clever? why can’t I be more like…?

Today you walk with your head down because… today, you just don’t feel like faking another smile. You don’t feel like mustering up yet another pointless water cooler conversation to feel relevant. It’s easier to hide… but it hurts. It hurts to not be taken into consideration. It hurts to open your mouth and feel like empty nothings came out because… they don’t care. You’re invisible to them and it hurts more to try than to hide.

Beautiful friend… know that I see you. What you have to say matters. Your existence matters.

Understand that you are not alone, and the people around may be feeling the same way. Sometimes, we can’t understand why others act the way they do… but if something I is certain – everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

Perhaps, we are all so caught up in wanting to be seen… that we forget to see others. Don’t get me wrong – I understand where you stand. But it took me putting away my feelings and paying attention to others to understand them better.

What I found is – we don’t belong in every circle and not everyone is meant to be in our tribe. That my friend is ok. Sometimes we have to work on ourselves to attract our tribe.

I’ll tell you how you can do that…



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