What to eat? Seriously!


The one aspect of our lives that should be easy, right?  Food is supposed to keep us nourished, satisfied and energized.  However, why is it so difficult to figure out what to eat? I  personally want to blame books, documentaries, and all these crazy fad diets that are making all of us just that….. CRAZY!

The latest documentary “What the Health” by filmmaker Kip Andersen has both positive and negative reviews.  It is definitely bringing more confusion to those who are serious about their nutrition.  Seriously making me question the $9/lb grass fed steak and my cage free eggs (ahhh the egg comment).  I remember five years ago watching “Food, Inc.” and having this overwhelming feeling of frustration about food because I just ate whatever I wanted.  Then Fed Up told us about how horrible sugar is for us.  All these documentaries have done is bring to light how deceived we have been by the food industry.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults deal with obesity.  The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.  In the Journal of American Medicine I learned, non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity (48.1%) followed by Hispanics (42.5%), non-Hispanic whites (34.5%), and non-Hispanic Asians (11.7%). Obesity is higher among middle age adults age 40-59 years (40.2%) and older adults age 60 and over (37.0%) than among younger adults age 20–39 (32.3%).  All of these stats are a huge problem because people are dying due to obesity and issues related to food.  It’s not fair for people to die because they cannot afford quality food, or medical cost.

My food journey didn’t turn into this amazing change because we are creatures of habit.  The last five years I’ve struggled with food, weight, being consistent with my fitness and juggling life.  However, no matter how outrageous these documentaries are… listening to people who are doing some of this research for us can be helpful.  Is it wise to throw everything out, go full organic and put yourself in a financial situation? of course not.  But, it is wise to pay attention, do your own research and choose what works for you.

We can’t get caught up on our own believes and shame people who are interested in finding alternatives to being healthier.  Food is one of those topics that can touch sensitive spots in people, but why? Why can’t people just choose what works best for them?  We all need to stop, breathe, and have compassion.

All these documentaries agree in a few things:

  • Fast food, processed foods, junk foods and all the cheap crap we eat is literally killing us.
  • The food industry is not always looking out for us.
  • If you follow the money, you will find out what’s important to the “food industry”.
  • People are dying because of what they eat.

As for me and my food journey, I am still deciding on what will work for me.  I had a grandmother (father side) who had her leg amputated and die due to diabetes.  Then last year, my uncle (mother side) also passed due to diabetes.  This is real life.  I want to be healthy from the inside out and be able to raise my son.


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2 thoughts on “What to eat? Seriously!

  1. Idk why i didn’t know you had a blog… anyway this is great. Working in health you don’t know how much uninformed bs I hear from people who haven’t done their research on food properly. Documentaries are great but i don’t believe theu are the end all be, just conversation and interest sparkers.


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